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Our Philosophy



Our philosophy demonstrates our commitment to our client base and you are encouraged to explore projects in which our partners have been involved in over the years.

Education Philosophy



Education and training is a cornerstone of the business philosophy of Bllue Quartz International. We encourage our staff to participate in continued education experiences that allow us to provide our clients with state of the art solutions.


It is our philosophy to build a strong base of experienced engineers, technicians and administrators to give our business parners a world class experience.



Work Philosophy



The great Philosopher Khallil Gibran said that "Work is love made visible" This too is our vision of what work in our environment should be like. Blue Quartz International recognises that our people should thrive on the tasks they do and weave their aspirations into our working culture. 

It is our philosophy to provide the culture wherein work is love made visible!



Environment Philosophy



Good environments are important for people to flourish. Bllue Quartz International. ensures that our working environments are synergistic with our business objectives. We cultivate environments specific to our needs allowing us to provide a five star service. 

It is our philosophy to provide working environments that contribute to efficiency and learning. We do this knowing that the outcomes benefit all our business partners.



Relationships Philosophy



Business partnering relationships are important to us. Blue Quartz International recognises our need to understand and manage our relationships with our staff, clients, authorities, communities and alll roleplayers who contribute to and elevate our business idealls. 

It is our philosophy to build strong relationships that enable us to jointly master all assignments entrusted to us!