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The Development of Ports and Harbours focusses on the provision of infrastructure solutions to facilitate the efficient and safe movement of commodities to and from vessels traversing oceans or lakes. Port Operations in general serve cargo and passengers passing through Ports and Harbours. The Development of Port and Harbour infrastructure is capital intensive and requires long term planning to increasingly cater for the Globalisation of Trade between Nations.

Ports and Harbour infrastructure includes berths, quays, jetties, breakwaters and commodities terminals on the seaside and on the land side roads, railways and conveyors. With the increased capacity needs of Container ships, increasing demands are placed on deeper and longer docking berths

To mitigate against logistical challenges, meticulous planning, coordination and design is required to seamlessly integrate three common modes of transport (Sea, Rail and Road) that converge at Ports. These intermodal facilities are primary to the movement of goods around the World. Governments’ view the country's Ports, Harbours and Passenger Terminals as key infrastructure that will act as economic multipliers.