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Port Elizabeth Harbour - Jetties, Slipway & Winder House


The project consisted of the demolition and reconstruction of two 110 year old jetties of 226m and 190m long respectively.extending into the sea. The Faciliyty had to accommodate larger ships, increase ship berth depth and augment loading and offloading space. The solution included Steel piles with reinforced concrete infill, concrete beams and deck. Including all mechanical, electrical and emergency services and upgrading to the Winder House.





Work Philosophy


Port Elizabeth Harbour - Quay Extension & Boat Hoist


Extension of jettiy, quay wall and berthing area to allow for the increase in the Port dry area for loading and offloading facilities, mobile quay cranes (boat hoists) and ship repair facility. Construction of quay walls (land reclamation) and piles support in sea water, deepening of berth area including all mechanical, electrical and emergency services. Our scope of work also included Project Management, Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Concept, Preliminary and Detail Designs, Costing, Tender Documentation and Adjudication   .





Work Philosophy


Newcastle & Pretoria Inland Container Terminals


Concept Designs developed for the review of expansion and regularisation  of the envisaged  intermodal facilities and inland container areas in Pretoria (Pretcon) and Newcatsle (Newcon). Our scope of work also included the review of  Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Concept Designs and traffic flow patterns (using Autoturn)  were modelled to assist in the decision making process.





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Durban Harbour - Infrastructure Maintenance


Truck Access, Layout and Pavement repairs, Stormwater and Storage Warehouse structural maintenance at Container Terminal. Review of specific civil and structural infrastructure in harbour areas to integrate and improve logistical eeficiency at the Port





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Port Elizabeth Harbour - Vehicle Export Facility - Concept


The project entailed a proposal for a conceptual design of a multi storey vehicle export facility to augment the existing on ground facility to increase the capacity. The design had to look at optimising the open unoccupied areas in the Port.




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Richards Bay Harbour - Infrastructure & Roads


Geometric and pavement upgrades to 10km internal Port roads, access intersections, truck staging areas and the provision of designs for associated Stormwater Management Systems. Our activities included Project Management, Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Concept, Preliminary and Detail Designs, Costing Tender Document and Contractor Adjudication report and construction supervision and Closeout reports.